***Dog Clubs***

Karl Reimer, a long time exibitor in conformation, agility and obedience knows how to make your animals look great on print. We offer many services to help make your show or event one to remember. I am free to hire and set up a online photo gallery for your members to buy prints, gifts items, cloths, posters, canvas, digital downloads etc. Click links below for work examples.

Specailties - Sports - Agility - Weddings - River Boats - Clouds - Studio - Community Service - Digital Backgrounds

I also do photo shoots for fund raising, just give me a call at 651-344-4966

Reimer Digital is about making your images better through the magic of PhotoShop
  • Touch ups - blemish removal - etc.
  • Photo merging - image overlay on a scene
  • Text overlay - great for advertizing
  • Digitally generated backgrounds
  • Digital props - Click here for an example

Reimer Digital also provides many services

Reimer Photo takes great pride in workmanship.

Photography is an Art

We don't push packages and give the clients what they want. Many clients just want their images on CD-DVD that they can use over time.
Come visit our galleries. We have thousands of pictures online
On location or in studio.

Pets are welcome

Resources that I use:

More photo service and sharing web sites. Please note that security, print quality and service from these sites can vari greatly. I have put links to them here to provide you a service and options. Do a Google search for info on these sites for any complaints etc.

Ovi - Shutterfly - Magix - Photobucket - Flickr - Picasa - Snapfish - KoffeePhoto - Stockvault - Freephotogallery - Walgreens - Sams Club

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